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Best +75 Pregnancy After Loss Affirmations

Pregnancy After Loss Affirmations

This post contains some of the best pregnancy after loss affirmations to promote wellbeing during your pregnancy.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements that encourage positive thoughts and behaviors.

When we repeat positive affirmations to ourselves, we train our brains to focus on the positive and to believe in ourselves. (source)

This can help to reduce negative self-talk and increase self-esteem.

Pregnancy After Loss Affirmations

Pregnancy after loss can be a challenging and emotional time, positive affirmations can help you focus on the positive and believe in yourself.

Healing After Loss Affirmations

  1. My baby was a gift, and their memory will always be cherished.
  2. The love remains alive in my heart forever.
  3. I am strong enough to get through this loss and honor my baby’s memory.
  4. I deserve to grieve and express my emotions in a healthy way.
  5. My baby will always hold a special place in my heart.
  6. My resilience is growing as I navigate this journey of healing.
  7. I am allowed to grieve after the loss of my baby.
  8. My baby’s life, no matter how short, has impacted me in a meaningful way.
  9. My baby will always hold a special place in my heart.
  10. I can find support and comfort in loved ones, counseling or support groups.

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Pregnancy Affirmations

  1. My body is beautiful.
  2. My body is strong and full of energy.
  3. I’m grateful for being able to grow a life inside of me.
  4. I have faith in my body.
  5. I am becoming radiant every day more.
  6. I take good care of myself during pregnancy.
  7. My baby is developing at a healthy pace.
  8. I let go of negativity and allow positive things in mu life.
  9. My baby is safe and sound in my body.
  10. I make the best choice for myself and my baby.
  11. My body knows how to care for my baby.
  12. I prepare myself to be a loving mom.
  13. I am enjoying my pregnancy.
  14. I choose to appreciate every moment of my pregnancy.
  15. I’m becoming ready for parenthood every day more.
  16. I accept and embrace the changes my body makes.
  17. I can handle whatever comes my way.
  18. I accept my emotions and allow them to pass.
  19. I am capable of taking care of myself and my baby.
  20. I am grateful for the support of my loved ones.
  21. It feels good to take care of myself.
  22. My baby is safe and loved.
  23. I love myself and my body.
  24. I feel the loved of those around me.
  25. I trust my body.
  26. I eat healthy, nourishing foods.
  27. I know what is best for me and my baby.
  28. I am resilient.
  29. My body is doing what it needs to for my baby.
  30. My partner and I are a great team.
  31. My body knows how to grow and nourish this baby.
  32. My baby is healthy and growing perfectly.
  33. I am grateful for this opportunity to bring a new life into the world.
  34. I am creating a safe and nurturing environment for my baby.
  35. I am at peace with the journey of pregnancy.

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Giving Birth Affirmations

  1. I give birth easily.
  2. I am strong.
  3. I trust my body.
  4. I grew my baby. I can birth my baby.
  5. I trust my labor.
  6. My body knows how to birth my baby.
  7. I love and accept my body completely.
  8. I breathe deeply and let go of tension.
  9. With every breath I take I become more relaxed.
  10. My body knows how and when to give birth.
  11. I welcome my baby with love.
  12. I hold my baby with joy and love.
  13. I trust my medical team’s care.

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Newborn Parenting Affirmations

  1. I am a loving mother.
  2. I am good enough.
  3. I love my baby unconditionally.
  4. I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby.
  5. What I have to give is good enough.
  6. My life is in perfect balance.
  7. My baby is safe and secure.
  8. I graciously accept the help and support of my loved ones.
  9. I am doing the best I can.
  10. I trust my instincts as a parent.
  11. I am providing a safe and nurturing environment for my baby.
  12. My baby feels loved and secure.
  13. I am patient and calm with my baby.
  14. I am grateful for this precious time with my baby.
  15. My baby is a blessing and a joy.
  16. I am learning and growing as a parent every day.
  17. I am confident in my ability to care for my baby. 
  18. I am creating a strong bond with my baby.
  19. I am attentive to my baby’s needs.
  20. My baby trusts and relies on me.
  21. I adjust to my baby’s changing needs.
  22. I take care of myself so that I can better care for my baby.
  23. I am patient with myself as I learn to be a parent.
  24. I am open to learning and trying new things as a parent.
  25. I am capable of handling anything that comes my way.
  26. I am doing my best and that is all that matters.
  27. I am a strong and loving parent.
  28. I make time for myself every day.
  29. I am grateful for the gift of motherhood, and I am ready for this new chapter in my life.

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How to Use Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool to foster a positive mindset.

1. Choose affirmations that resonate with you: Think about the areas that you want to improve or the qualities you want to develop. Choose positive, present-tense statements that reflect these desires.

2. Repeat your affirmations daily: Set aside some time each day to repeat your affirmations to yourself. You can say them out loud or silently to yourself.

3. Believe in your affirmations: It’s important to believe in the truth of your affirmations. Try to visualize the words as you say them and feel the positive emotions associated with them.

4. Use specific and concise language: Make sure your affirmations are specific and concise. Using vague language can make the affirmation less effective.

5. Combine affirmations with action: While affirmations can be a powerful tool, they work best when combined with action. Take steps to improve your life in the areas you’re affirming, and use your affirmations to reinforce your efforts.

Remember that using affirmations is a practice, and it may take time to see results. But with persistence and belief, positive affirmations can have a significant impact on your mindset and quality of life.

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