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Best 10 Books To Prepare Toddler For New Baby

Books To Prepare Toddler For New Baby

The following are some of the best books to prepare a toddler for new baby.

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Books To Prepare Toddler For New Baby

1. I Am a Big Brother

By Caroline Jayne Church

“I Am a Big Brother” is a heartwarming and engaging picture book by Caroline Jayne Church. It tells the story of a young child who is about to become a big brother or sister for the first time.

With simple, rhyming text and charming illustrations, the book captures all the excitement and wonder that comes with the arrival of a new sibling.

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2. I Am a Big Sister

By Caroline Jayne Church

“I Am a Big Sister” is a heartwarming and delightful story that celebrates the arrival of a new baby in the family.

With charming illustrations and simple yet engaging text, Caroline Jayne Church tells the story from the perspective of a little girl who is bursting with excitement about becoming a big sister.

This beautifully illustrated hardcover book captures the special bond between siblings and highlights the joys and responsibilities that come with being an older sibling.

The book is perfect for young children who are about to become big sisters themselves, as it offers them a fun and relatable way to learn about their new role.

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3. You’re The Biggest

By Lucy Tapper

“You’re The Biggest” is a heartwarming keepsake gift book that celebrates the arrival of a new baby and the important role of being a big brother or sister.

Written and illustrated by Lucy Tapper, this hardcover book captures the special bond between siblings as they embark on new adventures together.

With beautiful illustrations and thoughtful prompts, this book provides a unique and personal way for children to express their feelings and memories about becoming a big sibling.

From You To Me, the editor of this book, provides a platform for parents to record their child’s journey and create a cherished family keepsake.

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4. My New Baby

By Rachel Fuller

My New Baby board book is perfect for young children who are about to become older siblings or who already have a new baby brother or sister at home.

The book features beautiful and gentle illustrations by Rachel Fuller, as well as simple and easy-to-understand text that explains the changes that come with a new addition to the family.

Children will be able to relate to the experiences shared in this book, such as helping to care for the new baby, feeling jealous or left out at times, and learning to share attention and love with their new sibling.

The book also emphasizes the joy and excitement of having a new baby in the family, and encourages children to embrace their new roles as big brothers or sisters.

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5. Waiting for Baby

By Rachel Fuller

Waiting for Baby is a heartwarming picture book about a family’s journey towards welcoming a new addition to their family.

Illustrated by Rachel Fuller, this book follows the story of a young boy who is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his new sibling.

From helping to prepare the nursery to feeling the baby kick, he experiences everything that comes with the excitement and waiting of welcoming a new baby.

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6. André The Best Big Brother

By Mikaela Wilson, Pardeep Mehra

André The Best Big Brother is a heartwarming story book that is perfect for kids between the ages of 2-8. It helps siblings-to-be to prepare for the arrival of a new baby by showcasing André as the best big brother.

In this book, André shares his experiences of becoming a big brother and shows how he takes care of his younger sister Noelle. From helping with diaper changes to singing lullabies, André teaches kids how to be a loving and caring older sibling.

The beautiful illustrations by Pardeep Mehra bring the story to life and make it engaging for young readers. This paperback book is an excellent tool for parents to use in preparing their children for the arrival of a new baby. With its gentle approach, André The Best Big Brother will help children understand the importance of being a responsible and caring older sibling.

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7. Noelle The Best Big Sister

By Mikaela Wilson, Pardeep Mehra

Noelle is excited to become a big sister, but as the due date gets closer, she starts to feel nervous about what it will be like to have a new baby in the house. Luckily, her parents and brother are there to help her prepare for the arrival of the new baby.

Through Noelle’s journey, young readers will learn about the different ways they can help their parents and new sibling after the baby is born.

This heartwarming story, filled with colorful illustrations, is perfect for children ages 2-8 who are soon-to-be older siblings. It will help them understand and embrace the changes that come with welcoming a new baby into the family.

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8. I’m a Big Brother

By Joanna Cole, Rosalinda Kightley

“I’m a Big Brother” is a heartwarming and charmingly illustrated children’s book written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Rosalinda Kightley.

It tells the story of a young boy who becomes a big brother for the first time. From sharing toys to changing diapers, the book shows the joys and challenges of being an older sibling and helping a new baby adjust to family life.

The book emphasizes the important role that big brothers play in their younger siblings’ lives, while also highlighting the special bond that forms between siblings.

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9. What Brothers Do Best

By Laura Numeroff

What Brothers Do Best is an adorable board book written by Laura Numeroff, perfect for younger children.

The book celebrates the special and unique bond between brothers and all of the fun and exciting things they can do together.

From playing catch to building forts, from climbing trees to telling jokes, the book highlights all the fun activities that brothers can engage in while spending time together.

The colorful illustrations bring the text to life, making it a joy to read and share with young children.

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10. Big Brothers Are the Best

By Manushkin, Kirsten Richards

Big Brothers Are the Best is a heartwarming fiction picture book written by Fran Manushkin and illustrated by Kirsten Richards. The story highlights the special bond between siblings, as it follows the wonderful adventures of an older brother who loves to be a helpful, gentle, patient, and friendly assistant to his younger sister.

The illustrations beautifully capture the essence of sibling love, with vibrant and colorful depictions of the children’s playful interactions. From playing dress-up to building sandcastles, the story shows how the older brother always goes out of his way to make his little sister happy.

Manushkin’s writing style is simple and accessible, making this book a perfect read-aloud for young children. The story emphasizes the importance of family bonds and encourages kindness, patience, and helpfulness among siblings.

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